Sunday, March 29, 2015

Have You ever Washed Someones Feet?


Have You ever Washed Someones Feet?

This morning as our Pastor was reading about the disciples coming to eat with the Lord for the last time and  how shocking it was for them to have Christ stoop down and wash their feet. I was reminded of a room filled with Him while washing feel.  Such a beautiful picture of the Lord the humbleness of Jesus, the servant hood of Jesus the complete abandonment of Jesus. He loved those men so much and I believe they loved him, didn't truly understand His love but loved Him. They (like us today) didn't understanding the sacrifice of Christ's love, the entire abandonment He had for them,  the selflessness and  the humbleness.

I took part in a foot washing while ministering alongside some American and African brothers and sisters  in Kenya that I will never forget. It  was definitely one of those times that I would like to "live in" constantly. It was a time of true filling!   Our team wanted to show our  African brothers and sisters just how much we loved them and how thankful we were for them. Our intention was to bless them with the love that Jesus had given us for them but true to the blessings of the Lord I don't think they were blessed as much as I was.

 After we prayed thanking the Lord for who He was and for each of our brothers and sisters I took a pan of water, soap and towel and got on my knees.  I removed my sister in Christ's well worn, dusty shoes a gentleness and a peace  came over me like I have only felt twice in my life. I felt that warmth, love and peace  the first time I held each of my daughters for the first time. I was filled with a  gentleness, a wonder and a passion for them and for the Lord.

 From my knees while lovingly holding my dear sisters  foot I looked up into her deep beautiful  eyes. Eyes where I truly saw Jesus! Eyes of true love and compassion. Eyes of kindness and grace.

Neither she or I could look away but sat filled with knowing that we were seeing Jesus. We just looked deeply into each other's eyes for a number of minutes and I pray that someday I will experience that true peace and  love again. I was  meeting with Him!

 As I placed her foot into the small tub and took the bar of soap I lathered her foot and she and those around me began to sing. Their angelic voices began to sing a deep praise and love song to the Lord. Their voices reached heaven that day there was no doubt and there was no doubt that we experienced a little of heaven right there where we were.  This "peace" of heaven  continued as  each brother and sister in the room were kneeled before and  where each foot was lathered and rinsed and dried. The presence of the Lord was mighty in that place.

 Today hearing again of how Christ washed the feet of the disciples brought me a mix of emotions I felt Joy- joy for His example,  and I felt sorrow- sorrow for not following His lead each and every day of my life by serving those He has put in my path.  But more than anything I felt hope- hope for  a future where because of Him and His love and His example I can experience and express the true love of Jesus. I am assured that those beautiful moments in Kenya are only a foretaste of what is to come for all of eternity!

Oh Lord, fill me until overflowing with your love so that your love will flow out of me to all those around me.