Sunday, May 3, 2015

This has been a day of deep contemplation.

I was so blessed this morning to be in a church service that was focused on the Lord. Many people took a step of obedience and were baptized. I cried while watching each of my brothers and sisters in Christ go under the water and come back up and I cried while singing worship and thanksgiving to our Lord!

I also cried this morning remembering a sister in Christ I met only a few weeks ago while in China.  This sister could not publicly display her love of Christ but instead she quietly sat down on the floor beside me, looked me in the eye and whispered in her broken English “We have the same Father, thank you for being here”.  She quietly whispered that her entire family loved Jesus. We hugged and I called her my sister. My eyes welled with tears as I thanked our Father for her and I thanked her for sharing and caring!  I thanked Him again for her today and for the gift she gave me of trusting me and sharing her faith. How brave she was to follow the Lord’s leading and share with me. How blessed I was to receive her gift!

Today I shed many tears, they were tears for my Chinese Sister but they were also tears for so many friends, family and strangers in the world that have the freedom to profess Christ and the freedom to love and worship Him but choose not to. My sweet sister in China is willing to sacrifice so much for her Jesus and to love Him with her entire life yet here in North America we ignore Him and His sacrifice for us. It breaks my heart. It breaks my heart to see so many live as they please and turn their backs on all Christ has done for us (this includes me too at times).

 Sisters and brothers will you join with me and pray earnestly for our brothers and sisters in Christ that are being persecuted for their faith but still hold on tight to Jesus? Will you also stay on your knees with me for those in our families and in our work place and those in our world that have every opportunity and freedom to love and live for Christ and choose not to? Pray for revival in our land, pray with love and desperation for our world!