Monday, December 1, 2014

Hide and Love

"What matters supremely, therefore is not, in the last analysis, the fact that I know God, but the larger fact which underlies it-the fact that He knows me." J.I. Packer
While reading and focusing on this thought;  a game I played with one of the apples of my eye, my sweet 3 year old Granddaughter Elle the other day came to mind.
While  driving ( her mom driving :)) in the mini van Elle was getting a little impatient with our trip to the grocery store. She decided to pull her hat down over her eyes in which I quickly asked her Mommy "where is Elle?" Elle of course thought this was quite funny and pulled her hat back so she could see again. She giggle and spurted out "here I am Nana, I'm right here."  Needless to say we played this game over and over  with all of us  giggling. How cute it was  that she could hide her eyes and think I could not see her because she could not see me! It was a wonderful way to  pass the driving time and it sure made a 3 year old change her attitude!
While focusing on the Packer quote and remembering the hat hiding game today, I was reminded of how I have played this "you can't see me game," and have played it for most of my life. I have even played it with my Heavenly Father. I have not pulled a physical hat over my eyes while being impatient but I have certainly hidden; thinking that if I can't see where I really am and what I am really doing no one else can either, not even the Lord! I have often told myself "just don't think about it, just keep going...plow ahead all is fine as long as you don't uncover your eyes." "Just hide."
But truly my Lord sees  even when I chose not to. He really sees me, He really knows me, He  created me and is surprised by nothing in my life. I can't hide from Him. He sees me and adores me for who I am because I am His daughter. I am the apple of His eye. He is always there for me no matter where and what I try to hide or hide from.
I think He smiles lovingly (and at times probably giggles) at me just as I did with my little Elle but He has even more love and adoration (which is hard to comprehend but I am trying)!
 He created me I can't hide from Him....He is already there.
Life is not about me and my love for Him, it is all about Him and His love for me!!!!!

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